The cannabis industry is highly-visual and lends itself to benefit from video marketing. From growing technology, all the way to recreational cannabis products, creating captivating video content would be one of the best decisions a cannabis company could make. As a whole, not using video marketing is a cardinal sin in today’s times. Since the marketing method has proven its worth, it has caught fire — nearly 90 percent of online marketers use video content. This is spurred on by an increasing change in consumer habits, as in today’s digital age, people are using platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and others to watch hours of daily video content. From online reality shows to informational “how-to” videos, consumers have made clear their desire for video content. 


By 2022, it is estimated that 82 percent of all online consumer web traffic will be made up of video content. But many businesses already understand the power of video marketing, but it can often be an intimidating expensive for companies that may have a smaller marketing budget. However, over half of all marketers view video as the top form of content that has the best ROI. Video has proven to: 


  • Help increase organic traffic by up to 157 percent 
  • Social media posts with video content receive 48 percent more views than those without


“Video is one of the best passive ways to tell a potential customer about your product or service. It allows you to really drill down exactly what’s important for viewers to hear and see, presenting your company in the exact way you intended. 


Video is also an extremely versatile medium and can be used as a tool in a wide variety of ways such as email, social media, landing pages, programmatic ads, blogs, and more. I like to think of video as the combat multiplier of any marketing strategy, it dramatically increases the impact and results of a campaign.” 


  • J.P. Scott, Venta Marketing Director of Multimedia


First: Don’t Try and Film and Edit Yourself 

For video marketing to be effective, it needs to look professional. Consumers are inundated with video for nearly every subject matter today, if your company is not producing the highest quality video content, you’re going to lose out on sales to fellow competitors. Video production can be a convoluted process… It requires extensive knowledge with lighting, audio recording, camera function, dense editing platforms, and more. Knowing how to produce a well-groomed video campaign can’t be learned over the course of a long weekend. 


Therefore, hiring a freelancer or marketing agency that specializes in video production is your best bet at saving money. These professionals can work with you to find a budget that fits what you’re trying to accomplish with video assets. This will inevitably will also save you time and frustration. 

Second: Have an Idea on How to Use Video 

Video is a great way to increase brand awareness and craft compelling messaging, and it’s backed up by research. Viewers retain 95 percent of a message when they watch it compared to 10 percent when reading it. So in order to squeeze the most out of your video campaigns, it is vital to develop messaging that will resonate with your target audience. While one video asset most likely isn’t going to encapsulate a successful video campaign, creating hundreds of videos also isn’t the most effective, nor is it kind to your wallet. Therefore, extensive planning and research need to happen before a video shoot in order to safeguard against unsuccessful video campaigns. 


  • What am I trying to tell the consumer? 
  • What are my key points of difference from my competitors? 
  • What type of langue does my target audience use? 
  • What are consumers looking for in regards to my product or service? 


Answering questions like these can best help formulate a script and progression for your video content that will increase persuasion and positive response among potential consumers.

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