As we have talked about in numerous other blogs on cannabis marketing, the strategy of content marketing remains one of the most effective ways of seeing success within the industry. Many of the traditional marketing avenues that we are familiar with, such as Google PPC and Facebook display ads, are not available options for most cannabis-related businesses. 


Therefore, companies are forced to focus on creating content that performs well organically. The good news is that organic content can drive business and leads — it just needs to be done well. Currently, agencies and cannabis companies are overproducing content and underperforming on quality. That often yields lackluster results. 


Content marketing needs to accomplish a few things in order to be successful: 


  • Directly and thoroughly answer the targeted consumer query 
  • Produce an engaging narrative or copy flow 
  • Incorporate useful and exciting visual aids and graphics 


Above all, you need to be able to answer the question: “is this content adding value to the viewer?” Simple in theory difficult in practice. Today’s content often struggles to either entertain or educate consumers, leading to a lot of content being lost in the depths of the internet. However, when creatives are able to precisely execute on the three points above, businesses often see positive results in regards to: 


  • Audience reach 
  • User engagement 
  • Lead funnel generation 


Here are three great examples of content marketing done in the cannabis industry… 

#1 – Keyword Based CBD Blog 

This blog written by WeedMaps hits on the popular search query, “does CBD help with insomnia.” This blog organically ranks on the first page of Google search results and delivers in-depth keyword-focused research to the reader. This blog directly answers the question users are trying to find out and supports their opinion with the most up-to-date medical analysis.  

#2 – Brand Awareness Social Media Video 

This brand awareness video by Dispensary 33 plays on the stay-at-home order during the COVID-19 pandemic and promotes their business while also encouraging health safety guidelines. With this short 60 second video, the dispensary plays up the catchy hashtag, #stayhomestayhigh, as a way to engage with past and potential customers who are wanting to still buy cannabis products during this specific time period. 

#3 – Brand Awareness Social Media Giveaway  

The dispensary, Bud and Bloom, leverage their 13,000-plus Instagram followers to help further grow their platform presence. With a simple product giveaway, they are asking contest participants to engage with the post by liking it and tagging two local friends (in relation to their dispensary) in the comment section. In doing so, the post is gaining traction on the platform in an organic sense due to higher engagement rates, which helps push the post up the Discover Page for potentially interested parties. In addition, having contests participants tag local friends introduces new potential customers to their brand. All for the price of a glass pipe!