In 2020, everyone is blogging. It’s no longer the new frontier to marketing. It has been a tried and true method for capturing leads, establishing your industry presence, and connecting with a community. Blogging strategies play an integral role in SEO rankings and website clicks. Roughly 90 percent of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Organic blog links are often many of the first clicks given by online customer researching a topic or product. 


The main component of a successful blog is the information. Does the blog provide useful or valuable insight to the reader? In addition, a good writer helps elevate this content. However, even the best information and most talented writer can only do so much. To have a blog that is well received by both search engines and consumers, more is needed. That translates to design components. 


With your cannabis blog, you want to ensure that you’re making all the right technical and on-page SEO actions. But just as important is the customer experience. On average, a website visitor only spends 15 seconds in your domain. This can be for a multitude of reasons like poor website functionality, misidentification, poor content development, etc. However, all these elements contribute to the customer experience. 


When a page visitor lands on your blog, and it is only filled with block text, you’re going to see a high bounce rate. Maybe that setup would work in 2005, but not 2020. Today, consumers need stimulation from multiple areas. Therefore, your cannabis blog needs to incorporate graphic design into your everyday blogging strategy. It will help improve consumer perceptions, and in turn, help increase SEO rankings. 



Studies have shown that visuals like infographics help increase readership rates up to 80 percent. These graphics help highlight important or additional information that a viewer might overlook in the body copy. Infographics also provide readers with a different learning style compared to reading. Often many individuals best absorb information through visual means compared to reading, writing, or listening. 


This supplementary content provides a positive aesthetic look, and is proven to drive more traffic to your site (up to 12 percent)! 

Custom CTAs 

A blog’s main purpose is to provide education or entertainment in an effort to nurture potential consumers. Yet, blogs can also be used to funnel leads and sales. Traditional call-to-actions might seem easily identifiable and grotesquely unclickable — no one really likes a sales pitch. However, they are a necessity and always will be. Consumers need to be told what to do next. A creative and captivating custom CTA button can give your cannabis blog some color and pop — all while helping entice the reader to take the next desired step. 

Custom Animations 

Today, internet users are looking for interactivity and ways to be digitally engaged. Attention spans are shrinking, even when the subject is cannabis or CBD. Due to this, blogs (and websites as a whole) need to work harder to always stay atop the mind of their visitors. Custom animations or illustrations are a great way to break up text copy, and explicitly show some of the things you may be talking about. Custom animations also help further differentiate yourself from other blogs, further cement your personality, and keep the reader visually engaged at a higher level.