The cannabis market is continuing to expand year by year. More states are legalizing, and national laws are becoming more relaxed. As a member of the cannabis community, attending conventions is one of the best investments you can make for your company in 2020. 


These cannabis conventions provide businesses with the opportunity to learn about the newest regulations, technology development, B2B networking, and increased exposure to the general public. Elevato Marketing makes several trips a year to various nationwide conventions looking to help educate cannabis companies on marketing restrictions and how we can help your company grow! 


Here are five cannabis conventions worth attending in 2020 — see you there! 

1. Indo Expo 

The Indo Expo is a first-quarter B2B convention that boasts over 10,000 industry attendees, with over 400 exhibitors. This convention is designed to support established and newcomer businesses within the cannabis industry. With seminars, award shows, and more, Indo Expo promotes a fun learning environment for all cannabis companies looking to gain exposure. 


Where: Denver, Colorado 

When: January 25th & 26th 


2. Emerald Conference 

Touted as the “most advanced technical and comprehensive science conference in the cannabis industry,” the Emerald Conference focuses on cannabis cultivation. This is the right event for growers, researchers, and the like. From analytical testing to quality assurance, if your cannabis company touches the production side, attending this convention is a good idea. 


Where: San Diego, California 

When: February 26th – 29th 


3. Cannabis Conference 2020 

As one of the biggest cannabis events of the year, the Cannabis Conference 2020 features close to 100 industry experts leading 40-plus educational sessions on various relevant industry topics. The event caters to both the cultivation and dispensary side of the cannabis market and drew attendees from 48 U.S. states and 29 countries in 2019. Housed in a 70,000 square-foot showroom, this convention is one of the best events to network at. 


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: April 21st – 23rd 


4. CannaCon Midwest – Chicago 

CannaCon hosts multiple conventions throughout the year, with five different events planned in 2020. With Illinois being the most recent state to legalize recreational cannabis use, CannaCon Midwest is expected to be one of the most anticipated conventions of the year. The event gives light to connecting with cannabis entrepreneurs, farmers, distributors, equipment specialists, and more within the Midwest region. 


Where: Chicago, Illinois 

When: July 17th & 18th 


5. MJBizCon 

Regarded as the biggest and brightest of all cannabis industry conventions, MJBizCon is a B2B goldmine. With over 35,000 industry attendees and hundreds of exhibits, MJBizCon features the latest and greatest in cannabis-related goods and services — from LED growing systems all the way to cannabis-specific marketing, this conference offers the ability to learn and grow your company in any capacity.  


Where: TBD 

When: TBD 


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