The cannabis industry is heating up as new businesses flood into this money-making market. However, with the rush of start-ups, from dispensaries to cannabis agriculture companies, getting in front of your desired consumers can seem like a daunting task.

So are there ways to improve your visibility in Google searches? Absolutely.

Can you drive greater buzz around your products/services compared to your competitors? Yes.

Are there ways to better leverage your expertise in a somewhat saturated cannabis atmosphere? Without a doubt.

Roughly 300,000 searches happen every month for the phrase, “dispensary near me.” It’s clear the public is supporting the infant industry, so let’s breakdown six tips that will help your cannabis website flourish.

1. Cannabis Website Rankings and Google My Business

Google controls the search engine market, with over 90 percent of internet searches taking place through their browser. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that your desired customers are using Google’s platform. Starting a Google My Business account is a day one task, and hopefully, you’ve already set this up, but if not, stop reading this right now and open another tab to do this. I’m not kidding.

Once that’s been established, Google can index your site and add your business to Google map results. But outside of that, managing your Google My Business account is something that always needs to be maintained.

(A Google My Business account  is mandatory if you want to better your website ranking.)

Ensuring that your business name, phone number, address, and website matches everywhere can have a major effect upon your site’s SEO rankings. So double-check, triple-check that those business vitals are correct in all web locations.

Google My Business gives owners the ability to interact with their customers through user reviews, in addition to providing insights to where site visitors are coming from.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they definitely started with setting up and managing their Google My Business account.

2. Don’t Fight For The Wrong Keywords

Let’s assume you’re a company that grows and sells cannabis for medicinal use. The clients you are attempting to reach are medical providers and maybe a few dispensaries. Fighting to rank on page one for a high volume keyword or phrase, such as “medical marijuana,” isn’t going to yield great results, especially if you’re a newer business. Instead, it is best practice to be more creative with our keyword targeting.

Performing even limited keyword research can provide a better direction for being more effective with your cannabis website rankings. A few keyword suggestions that might shrink down the competition and better identify the right consumers would include: “medical cannabis wholesalers,” or “medical marijuana for doctors.”

These keyword phrases have a lower volume, but still enough traffic to generate a steady flow of website visitors, and best yet — give you a fighting chance at ranking on page one of Google results.

3. Pursue Backlinking to Boost Website Authority

A PERFECT way to boost your SEO rankings is to leverage your expertise and knowledge within the cannabis industry. As the use of cannabis becomes less taboo for medical and recreational consumption, insight into the industry and plant properties are filling white space across the internet.

From High Times to Merry Jane, hundreds of digital publications and domains are pumping cannabis news and information into Google. The majority of these articles being produced pull outside experts to share their knowledge with readers.

As an expert yourself, contributing to publications like these can provide invaluable “ranking points” to your website when that publication credits you with a link back to your business’ domain.

Useful sources for finding backlink opportunities include Help A Reporter Out, BuzzSumo, and Muck Rack.

4. Warm Up Your Keyboard, and Start a Blog

Blogging is normally an advised strategy for improving website rankings, however, it presents an even greater SEO return for cannabis businesses due to the legal advertising question marks that surround the infant market.

Posting timely blogs that are targeted at consumer questions or product searches can help drive traffic to your website organically. Therefore, it is important to provide consumers with frequent content, informative content, and relevant content.

Possible blog ideas that could steer customers to your website might include topics like: “How is Medical Marijuana Grown,” or “Why Should You Consider Medical Marijuana Treatment?”

(Regular blogging on hot topics can help improve SEO results for your site.)

5. We Live in a Social Media World

The 21st century is run by social media. It’s a personal and professional platform that drives both connections and business. Having an active social media presence can help push searches to your website, and increase your Google ranking.

In the cannabis industry, where the products you are extremely visual, crafting an engaging Instagram or Facebook page should be an aspect of your business that is prioritized. Brand awareness cultivated through social media can help build the reputation of your business while reaching your audience through various platform targeting tools like hashtags.

A case study that exemplifies how a social media presence can help aid in website ranking would be Seed and Smith, a Denver, Colorado, based cannabis wholesaler. With over 450 posts on Instagram, the business does a good job at staying active, as they currently have amassed over 4,100 followers. If you do a quick query of “cannabis wholesale denver co” they rank as the third SEO result on the first page.

(Social media can play a key part in an SEO campaign.)

6. Photos, Photos, Photos. Did I say Photos?

Google loves images, and photos help promote SEO rankings. Adding photos to your Google My Business will dramatically help increase your local visibility to customers. Including a few high-quality product and location images, as well as logos, cover photos, and team member pictures are smart moves to increase your business profile.

Additionally, filling your site with (compressed) images or video of your product/process/service is mandatory — it’s what your online web surfers are looking for.

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