With paid cannabis marketing being somewhat of a minefield, social media has proven to be an effective means of reaching clients and building business visibility. While social media can seem like a deep blue ocean, exercising specific tips can help boost a company’s digital presence and cultivate potential industry relationships.

The cannabis market is a visual field, and capitalizing on the access to a visual audience totaling over 1 billion people seems like a no-brainer. Using the platforms properly is the tricky part, but we’re here to help navigate the vast waters.

Let’s jump in…

1. Locating Your Social Media Voice

Social media users largely follow accounts for one of two reasons.

  1. They are a fan of your product or service
  2. They like your page’s personality

Both social media giants, Facebook and Instagram, have over 1 billion users. Differentiating your business from all the other businesses within the same industry is vital in illustrating why you are the right option for the consumer. This translates to finding the voice that fits your company.

What tone is your social media content going to strike with followers? Is it a serious, buttoned-up voice? A funny, easy-going demeanor? An inquisitive and thoughtful presence? Ultimately, whatever you decide, it should align with your company’s values and attitude. Therefore, what is represented through your social media accounts is authentic and real.

2. Deliver Value to Your Followers

Social media users are savvy. They aren’t going to stick around if the accounts they are following are not adding value to their timelines. When creating content, it is important to keep EEE in mind.

Every post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. should hit at least one of these three key points:

Engagement – Content that aims to engage with the audience should present some type of benefit for them. An example could be posting an Instagram photo of your cannabis growing center with the caption, “At what temperature are our cannabis plants kept for optimal growth rates? Comment below and 5 winners will be selected to receive ____________!”

Obviously, it doesn’t always need to be a giveaway, but engagement posts should call on social media users to interact with your content, and there should be a reason for them doing it.

Entertainment – This form of content should be a way of entertaining users in a unique and creative fashion. Try to evoke some type of emotion with these posts – make the audience laugh, smile, cry, etc. People remember and come back for content that makes them feel something.

Education – Share those interesting factoids about the cannabis industry. With education posts, you should leverage your knowledge and flex your muscles as an expert in your specific sector.

3. Organic Growth Requires Hard Work

Since the major social media platforms have strict guidelines against the paid promotion of recreational drugs, boosting an Instagram post isn’t possible. Therefore, audience reach and growth most likely has to be done in an organic way.

The good news is that organic social media growth can be done quickly if performed right. To get the most out of the platforms you are advertising on:

  • Use hashtags to target keywords that individuals might be searching for in the cannabis industry. (#cannabis #medicalmarijuana #cannabisplant #cultivation)
  • Be frequent with your postings. Best practices for Facebook are 2-5 posts per day, Instagram it’s 1-2 per day, and Twitter it’s 15 tweets a day. While, pumping out that amount of content may not be possible at the moment, showing life on your social media channels is essential for organic success.
  • Working hand-in-hand with the frequency of content is quality. Every year the aesthetic standards are upped. Photos need to be bright, clear, and color corrected. Not to mention, that copywriting also needs to be enticing.

4. Interact with Audiences

An important social media tip to not overlook is interacting with both your audience and relevant other cannabis communities. When audiences feel like accounts are more likely to engage with them, they in return are going to interact more with your content. Most social media algorithms reward accounts that see a high engagement rate, therefore, putting a premium on answering questions and responding to statements is strongly encouraged.

Another way to increase your brand awareness on social media is through leaving your own ecosystem and interacting with other cannabis social media outlets. Posting a thoughtful comment to a LinkedIn article, or congratulating a fellow industry leader through your company account can yield new visitors to your page, and in time — new followers.

5. Diversify Your Social Media Channels

Don’t overstretch your means, managing two social media channels with regular, high-quality content is great, but having your hand in as many pots is best (as long as you are able to deliver enough value to your audience within the platform.)

As mentioned, Facebook and Instagram both have over 1 billion users, so you’re most likely going to start there with your social media marketing. This is the right choice, however, exploring other social media platforms can help supplement those two digital titans.

We recommend looking into Youtube for your social media advertising. It is the second largest “search engine,” only behind Google. Video is the most engaging way to deliver content in the 21st century, and the stats back it up.

Then stepping outside the mainstream digital outlets, cannabis-specific social media platforms also exist, which may be a productive way in marketing your company. Check out these possible cannabis social networks: Leafwire, MjLink, Duby, and CannaSOS.

6. Analyze Who Your Audience Is and Cater To Them

All the major social media platforms offer business profiles the ability to view their audience insights. From age demographics to geographic location, to highest engagement times, and more, all these statistics are available to you. MAKE USE OF THEM!

How can you market to someone effectively if you don’t know who you’re speaking to? By analyzing who is following you, what content they are interacting with, and when they are choosing to do so is invaluable. You have the ability to curate what content is most successful to your account-specific audience, instead of trying to broadly advertise to everyone.

If you have a disproportionate amount of middle-aged women following your account, who like to consume your 1-minute video series on “How Cannabis Plants Grow Best,” on Tuesday and Thursday nights, then that is information you should run with.

Knowing your consumer is the foundation to building a successful social media presence.

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