Okay, we all know that Instagram has become the breadwinner for social media attention over the last several years. The photo and video sharing platform is able to suck hours and hours out of an individual’s day. It’s a platform that makes creating easy and consuming even easier. With continued innovations like IGTV and Instagram Stories, the platform is diversifying how content can live on the app. 


Instagram Stories have quickly become a fan favorite on the platform, which mimics Snapchat Stories. But now, advertisers are experimenting with Instagram Story Ads — and turning out great results! Basically it works like this, businesses can place the paid ads in between Instagram Stories, as people swipe through the Stories, these sponsored ads appear to the user. 


This way of marketing adds a new degree of engagement and places ads directly in front of targeted consumers. That’s how it’s supposed to work. However, businesses that deal with cannabis are unlikely to be able to use Instagram Story Ads because of the platform’s drug policy. So where does that leave us? 


With just Instagram Stories. 


Just because a cannabis company may not be able to buy ad space within Instagram Stories, doesn’t mean the feature can’t be leveraged for advertising their product or service. Organic marketing thrives on the platform, and arguments can be made that it is more effective than any type of paid advertising on the app. 

How Instagram Stories Helps You Grow

Let’s be honest. We live in the age of content. If your content isn’t educational or entertaining, you’re going to struggle with viewership. Period. However, if you can produce engaging content, you’re eventually going to see growth. So how do you make this happen? 


It’s entirely up to you. The beauty about Instagram Stories is that it can be whatever you want it to be. But our advice is the more personal the better. A lot of businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, and freelancers use Stories as a “behind the scenes” look into how their day-to-day runs, how their products are made, how their brain works, etc. 


It sounds cliche, but people buy from people they like — and it’s true. Consumers want to feel a connection, a sense of intimacy with the brands and people they buy from. Social media has enabled this artificial relationship to develop, and it has caused the funnel to get tighter. Businesses now almost have to work harder for their customers because if you aren’t nurturing a screen-to-screen relationship with your target audience — someone else is, and that will be reflected in your revenue numbers. 


Therefore, you can grow your impressions, leads, and sales if you leverage Instagram Stories in a new, engaging way. The people will come.

How to Create Instagram Stories 

So to circle back to content, how do you create great content for your audience? First of all, you need to remain true to who your business is and the personality that exists. One thing consumers hate is inauthenticity. Don’t try and just copy the vibe of another business because their content and tone match well with their followers. Be yourself. 


So here are several ways to give a refreshing look at your business that cannabis consumers and other cannabis-related companies will take notice of.


FAQ Video 

  • Answer some of the most frequently asked questions about your business, product, and service — then pin it to your Story Highlights! 

News Updates 

  • Whenever you have an update to your business that is relevant to your audience, make a short “vlog” style Instagram Story and let your consumers know firsthand what’s coming down the pipeline. 

How It Works 

  • People love “How To” videos. These types of Stories can illustrate how your products are grown, packaged, shipped, etc. This gives your audience a behind the scenes look at how your business operates. 

Get To Know The Team 

  • Take this time to highlight team members, giving your followers a chance to get to know the personalities that make up your company and brand. Showing off your team helps give a more human side to the products or services you sell. 

Key Selling Proposition(s) 

  • Sell but don’t make it clear you’re selling. What sets your products or services apart? How do you benefit cannabis consumers or other auxiliary companies? Tell your audience in a lighthearted Instagram Story. Be personable and authentic. For example, millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, your company sells a great cannabis strain that works well for the condition — highlight that product and some feedback you’ve received on it.