Holistic marketing sounds hippy-like, as thoughts of feel-good advertising come to mind. But, in reality, the definition is much more approachable. Holistic marketing is a full-body approach to strategy. Instead of focusing on one specific area of marketing (i.e. Facebook Ads, blogs, etc.), you are crafting a marketing plan that seeks to address every avenue you see as valuable. 


However, holistic marketing doesn’t stop there. It also examines the company as a whole, looking to identify ways in which the brand can better develop a positive image both internally and externally. Holistic marketing aims to achieve something greater than just sales. 


The four main components that make-up an authentic holistic marketing campaign include: 



  • Relationship Marketing 
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Societal Marketing


Relationship Marketing 

To start a holistic marketing campaign, your relationships need to be explored. What is the current health status of your relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders? All these parties work in conjunction with your company, and ultimately keep the business going. While there are certainly self-motivating reasons for these parties to interact with your company and want it to succeed, relationships do run sour under the wrong circumstances. 


A holistic approach attempts to map out what possible potholes exist in your current relationships, and how can they be avoided? How can you better position your relationships to see improvement and growth for the business in the next three months, six months, nine months, etc.? 

Integrated Marketing 

This is the piece of a holistic marketing campaign that most teams are familiar with. Integrated marketing is concerned with the nuts and bolts of in the field marketing. What platforms do we use, what type of content are you producing, how are we pricing our products/services? This is where you will probably spend the majority of your time when crafting your holistic approach. 


You need to throw out your previous mindset when it came to marketing to your target audience. An effective plan outlines every step of a user’s journey from stranger to customer. This is what a holistic approach is obsessed with. How can you best bring together every possible marketing aspect you use, and intertwine their efforts? 


SEO, paid media, organic social media, email marketing, and everything else need to all be operating under the same strategy to best align with the campaign goals. The right-hand needs to be communicating with the left-hand. 

Internal Marketing 

As relationship marketing hits on how to better improve your communication and ties with employees, internal marketing takes a broader look at the company. By breaking down the company into departments, what does your marketing strategy need to be cognizant of when pushing out communications to your target audience? 


Internal marketing is concerned about ensuring that your strategy helps support the goals and daily interworkings of every other department. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of conflict between departments and promote an environment that is productive for everyone inside the business. 

Societal Marketing 

The final leg to a holistic marketing campaign is focused on how the company wishes to be portrayed in the public eye. This centers around how the company operates, and what core values they wish to put on display. When planning the section, it is important to think past your bottom line and your customers. What is important to your company and how does that play a role in your operations? 


Maybe this translates to not using plastic products, donating a percentage of profits to charity, publically displaying your quarterly earnings, etc. The idea in societal marketing is to recognize that a company’s reach extends beyond a transaction, and therefore, to thoughtfully develop a plan on how to leverage that throughout the community.   

Need Help Developing a Holistic Marketing Campaign? 

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