In December 2018, Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which largely allocated $867 billion to subsidies for American farmers. However, also included inside the “farm bill” is the legalization of hemp production.

If you are, or are thinking about, getting into the CBD industry, the passage of this bill probably lit your eyes up in dollar signs. Some analysts have predicted the hemp industry to be worth over $20 billion by 2022. CBD products must contain less than 0.3 percent of THC to be legally sold, yet even with federal approval, major advertisers like Google and Facebook still refuse the paid promotion of these products.

This excludes businesses from one of the most successful and effective marketing strategies currently available. So if paid ads are out (for the most part*), what are ways to effectively advertise CBD online?

One word: organic.

1. Website Traffic and Blogging for CBD

It’s frustrating that even though federal law allows for the consumption of CBD, major advertising avenues still have handcuffs attached to the product. However, this has allowed for organic marketing to flex its muscles and produce equally impressive results.

Google is the apex predator in the search engine food chain, with over 5.6 billion searches conducted every day on its platform. The rise in positive viewership of hemp product extracts for health issues like inflammation, anxiety, pain management, and more has helped caused an influx in the interest of CBD. Google reports that roughly 7 million searches for “CBD oil” occur every month.

So we know that A LOT of people are looking for CBD products, even without paid ads helping influence their consumer desires. With a large audience already existing, using your CBD website is the best way to connect with potential customers. Squeezing as much out of your website, in order to organically reach your target market goes deeper than this article can outline, however, it starts with answering the questions people are asking.

With “CBD oil” having a massive search volume behind it, building out your product page is your number one mission. Product images, informational descriptions, and pricing packages are what individuals are looking to find. By compiling a comprehensive product page, you’re off to a running start in CBD advertising.

To follow that up you need to maintain a website blog. The power of blogging for SEO ranking cannot be understated. A tremendous amount of your advertising traffic can stem from these 1,000-word blogs that you are pumping out weekly. Mixed in with those “CBD oil” searches are numerous queries for things like “what are some CBD benefits” or “is CBD harmful?” Crafting blogs around industry-related topics can help funnel potential customers to your website.

2. Social Media is a Marketing Gold Mine for CBD

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes are all out on paid ads for CBD, but that doesn’t mean these platforms still can’t be great sources for marketing your business. Many CBD companies effectively advertise to consumers organically via these platforms. Just look at cbdMD or CBDfx .

Successful social media marketing is built upon a few pillars. First, you need to identify a voice for your online profile that feels natural, and that resonates with your intended audience. Second, your social media posts need to deliver value to consumers. Use the EEE strategy for a simple guide — is this post trying to engage, entertain, or educate? Third, be sure to interact with your audience. This will result in more social media users interacting with your content, and provide a more enjoyable experience for them, and social media algorithms reward high engagement.

A little bit more social media advice to chew on:

  • Use hashtags to target keywords that individuals might be searching for in the cannabis industry. (#cbd #cbdproducts #painrelief #anxietytreatment #cbdoil)
  • Be frequent with your postings. Best practices for Facebook are 2-5 posts per day, Instagram it’s 1-2 per day, and Twitter it’s 15 tweets a day. While, pumping out that amount of content may not be possible at the moment, showing life on your social media channels is essential for organic success.
  • Working hand-in-hand with the frequency of content is quality. Every year the aesthetic standards are upped. Photos need to be bright, clear, and color corrected. Not to mention, that copywriting also needs to be enticing.

3. Be Creative and Explore Outside CBD Advertising Avenues

While optimizing your website and cultivating a strong social media presence can certainly be enough to meet your sale goals (when done right), looking at other advertising methods can yield equally successful results. Other areas to look into to diversify your CBD marketing includes:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Buying Podcast Ad Spots
  • Native Advertising (Platforms like MANTIS and Traffic Roots are dedicated to helping cannabis and CBD companies connect with private websites that will promote their products.)

Need Help Advertising Your CBD Products Online?

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