Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to any cannabis-related business. As the industry faces several advertising obstacles with paid media on platforms like Google and Facebook, it is forced to utilize the most out of other avenues like SEO. However, the good news is that both consumers and industry professionals are searching for cannabis-related terms in high quantities. Therefore, the ability to leverage a well-formed SEO strategy can help deliver the necessary web traffic needed to grow a cannabis company.

With recreational cannabis consumption becoming legal in more states like Illinois and Michigan, search engines like Google and Bing are being used by consumers and fellow industry players to research, locate, and connect with one another. In doing so, organic traffic will continue to spike with new markets opening up. As a result, cannabis companies should be capitalizing on a full-spectrum SEO plan that captures this traffic.


SEO Tips for Cannabis Companies

  1. SEO can work for anyone
    The beauty of SEO is that everyone is always searching for everything. Compared to paid media campaigns, many businesses feel that PPC is a good fit, when in fact, their service or product may not lend itself well to a direct sale strategy. The cannabis industry is one that a lot of people are cautiously curious about. Therefore, more long-form selling is necessary to win potential buyers. SEO marketing provides in-depth query-based content that answers the questions people are looking for.
  2. Social media is paired with SEO
    It’s 2020, and social media is ingrained in nearly every American’s life. From Instagram feeds to Tweets, hours and hours of time is spent using these respective platforms. Research has shown that today’s consumers use social media to guide their spending habits and trends. As cannabis consumption wears away the old-stoner stigma and becomes more of a lifestyle choice, Americans are using social media to follow cannabis companies for education and entertainment. From growers to sellers, having an organic social media plan intersects with SEO performance, and can provide a significant stream to website traffic.
  3. SEO is more than just content writing
    Successful SEO marketing stretches far beyond content writing for a website. It needs constant monitoring and in-depth planning. Proper keyword research, identification of useful page elements, website optimization, backlinking, query-based answering, and more are all vital pieces to the puzzle. Therefore, cannabis companies should be mindful when developing a strategy or hiring an agency, that the work they will receive is comprehensive.
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