Branding is everything in today’s marketing environment. It is said that buyers need to be exposed to a brand’s image/advertisements an average of seven times before they are motivated to buy. As more dispensaries enter the cannabis market, this rule is going to start to show to a greater degree. 


With a variety of buying options, dispensaries need to position themselves properly in order to win over their target market. Naming your dispensary plays a big role in your future success as a company. To kick-off, it is the very first impression customers have with your business. As we all know, consumers are judgemental, and second-impressions are far and few between. In today’s world, where you can find a flavor to fit any mood, you’re not going to get to rewind someone’s first judgment about you — they are just going to move on. 


A few general guidelines to naming your dispensary include: 


  • Keep it short & simple 
  • Don’t include place names (unless your business will ALWAYS remain local) 
  • Build a story around your name 
  • Consider the meaning and historical context of your desired name 
  • Don’t use your first or last name 
  • Compare it to other businesses in the industry 
  • Check if the URL & social media handles are available 


For more specific cannabis-related naming do’s and don’ts, check out this video. 

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