With cannabis advertising on popular digital mediums like Google and Facebook being somewhat of a maze to navigate, outside marketing platforms have sprung up to present a potential solution. These cannabis marketing platforms allow industry players the ability to advertise their products and services in full force, without doing a tip-toe dance around the subject of marijuana.

These alternative marketing platforms work in a similar fashion to each other by acting as the in-between for web publishing sites and cannabis companies. A large number of websites support the legalization of cannabis, and an even greater number of sites are looking for additional monetization, and therefore, will allow cannabis ads to be placed on their domain.

Here is an example:

(Many sites will allow ad placing of cannabis products and services.)

These cannabis marketing platforms work in a similar way to Google AdWords. Advertisers compete for ad space with a bid, and the highest bid is awarded the webspace to display their ad copy/image.

We have identified three different marketing platforms to explore for your cannabis business. These options might present a better ROI for your company compared to Google, Facebook, and the likes.


MANTIS was started in 2014, and since then has developed and grown an impressive user interface, as well as an expanding website network of over 500 partnered sites. In addition to cannabis, Mantis seeks to help other niche markets such as yoga and health wellness.

(MANTIS boasts itself as the largest cannabis network.)

Part of what makes MANTIS a possible good fit for your cannabis company is the customization available to you. Whether you are seeking display ads such as banner images, or native ads — which is sponsored content that reads like a normal article post to viewers — options are just a click away. In addition, Mantis is rolling out video marketing to advertisers as a third possibility when delivering your message.

We also like the MANTIS for its user-friendly experience. If you are familiar with Google AdWords, you’ll feel right at home in this platform. With a solid group of reporting tools inside the software, you’ll easily be able to tell what’s working for your company.

Traffic Roots

Traffic Roots has been featured on sites like CNBC and The Guardian and quotes to generate over 2 billion impressions each month. Working with a wide range of network websites, Traffic Roots helps connect advertisers and publishers in the same manner as MANTIS.

(Traffic Roots connects advertisers with publishers to deliver messages to consumers.)

Traffic Roots advertises the ability to target potential leads through geo-location, browser-specific usage, and device targeting such as smartphones and laptops. GIFs, PNGs, and JPGs are all accepted ad types by Traffic Roots. Real-time analytics are also provided to advertisers to monitor CPC, CPM, etc.


Outbrain’s mission is “to help people discover content that they can trust to be interesting, relevant, and timely for them.” With 18 global offices, Outbrain is the largest of the three marketing platforms, however, Outbrain’s advertising clients are not strictly cannabis companies. Instead, a sweeping amount of industries use Outbrain to funnel their ads to consumers, including Toyota.

With an advertised 275 billion monthly recommendations delivered to consumers, Outbrain claims to have relationships with “80 percent of the world’s premium publishers” like TIME and CNN.

We like the diversity Outbrain providers to advertisers with the ability to deliver almost any form of content — product pages, blog posts, videos, display ads, etc. They also arguably have the biggest toolbelt of all three of the marketing platforms.

(Outbrain advertises a load of onboard tracking tools to clients.)

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