Content marketing is what the American consumers want, and it’s effective. Regardless of industry, the development of informative and original web content is driving consumers to trickle through the sales funnel. Content marketing is shown to produce three times the amount of leads compared to traditional marketing, like T.V. and radio. 


But it needs to be the right type of content… especially within the cannabis market where curiosity remains high, and misinformation runs rampant. What makes content marketing a great fit for the cannabis industry is the variety of creation options, and the ability to work for both B2B companies and general consumer businesses. So whether you’re an equipment specialist company, a dispensary, or something in between, the right content can drive significant traffic to your website. [We are going to look at content marketing strictly from an SEO side due to the hurdles that still exist with paid media.] 


You need to have an active blog for your cannabis website. Period. Blogs are one of the biggest factors in on-page SEO success. Websites with a blog tend to have over 400 percent more indexed pages, which is important as search engine bots crawl the web and rank pages. Additionally, on average, companies that blog see roughly 67 percent more leads per month than those who do not. 


Blogging also lends itself to the cannabis industry due to the highly specific queries that surround the subject. Therefore, it is important to leverage your voice as an expert within the industry and deliver educational information. 


Blog examples such as these could be useful ideas for generating beneficial traffic: 


  • Why do THC levels vary? 
  • How does flowering cannabis differ from cannabis edible products? 
  • What possible benefits does cannabis present to someone with chronic pain?  
  • What side effects can be expected from use? 
  • How safe is the cannabis cultivation process?
  • What technology is being used to grow cannabis? 
  • What is the best starting place for a first-time cannabis user? 
  • How can you better stimulate your cannabis plant growth? 


This could mean monthly webinars, product videos, infographics, and more — however, the right medium will often depend upon what your company specifically sells. For example, a webinar series most likely isn’t going to best fit the target audience a dispensary is attempting to draw in. That being said, the mobile-device era we live in is built for visual content. The average user spends 88 percent more time on a website that features video. The more time you can keep a potential customer within your digital atmosphere, the better. 


As the cannabis industry moves to project a new storyline about the product, people prefer to consume educational content in a video format compared to text. Roughly 72 percent of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service compared to text. Additionally, static visuals like product pictures, service progression photos, and more, add a new level of diversification for webpage visitors. Regardless of how your business touches the cannabis industry, it is likely a highly ocular process. Therefore, incorporating visual content on your website will help translate to longer page views, lower bounce rates, and a more engaged audience. 


Visual creations like these could be useful ideas for generating beneficial traffic: 


  • What are the life stages of a cannabis plant? 
  • How does different lighting impact cannabis plants?
  • What type of artificial climate best supports cannabis plant growth? 
  • What’s the best way for me to consume cannabis?
  • What equipment do I need to consume cannabis? 
  • What are the newest strains of cannabis? 
  • How does “product XYZ” work? 

Whitepapers and Backlinking 

Whitepapers offer extensive, in-depth analysis and insight on big topic questions. While whitepapers may be best suited for B2B businesses, they can still be utilized across the cannabis industry. Long-form writing still has a place on the internet — about 78 percent of buyers relied on white papers to help make a purchasing decision within the past year. People like information, and a lot of it. With the cannabis industry seeking to tilt the narrative to an educational focus, whitepapers provide a positive outlet in disseminating expert knowledge. 


Backlinking isn’t a form of content, but it runs parallel with the content you are creating, and ultimately, the success of your website’s SEO performance. Search engines take into account the number of links on your website and the number of other websites linking back to you. Backlinks can significantly boost your flow of traffic and organic search result rankings — therefore, an active link building strategy will best support the success of your created content. Good content is meant to be shared, and the cannabis industry needs more accurate, expert content in 2020. 

Need Help With Cannabis Content Marketing?

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