Programmatic advertising is the way of the future. Now, this isn’t groundbreaking information or anything, but the foundation that programmatic advertising is built upon allows for new advertising opportunities, greater return on investment, and increased targeting possibilities. As the technology improves and evolves, more businesses and individuals are shifting their marketing budgets toward this form of advertising. 


In 2016, over $25 billion was spent on programmatic advertising. Just three years later, over $57 billion was spent. This year, in 2020, that number is expected to eclipse $68 billion. Numbers are stubborn, and the trends illustrate how programmatic ads are becoming the new sensation within the marketing world. 


So why is programmatic advertising the best option for the cannabis industry? It nearly eliminates all the worry and hoop-jumping that comes with paid ads and cannabis. As an industry professional, you’re probably aware of the struggle that comes with advertising cannabis or cannabis-related products online. Traditional routes like PPC, paid Facebook display ads, boosted Instagram posts, etc. — all paying options are nearly off the table.


Platforms like Google and Facebook restrict the paid promotion of drugs and drug-related paraphernalia. The restrictions and regulations surrounding cannabis still remain murky and difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, even ads that seem like they meet all the stated criteria may be disapproved or banned. Until cannabis is downgraded from its federal classification, it is unlikely to see these restrictions change for these platforms. 


This has opened the door to programmatic advertising, and the advertising world may never turn back. If you are a cannabis company or cannabis-adjacent business, programmatic advertising provides a simple, hassle-free, but highly-effective way to deliver a variety of ads to your target audience.